Meet the team at echotown studio

Echotown Studio Vintage Recording Studio – Grace Capaldi

Grace Capaldi | Studio Manager

Studio manager and co-owner, Grace oversees the day-to-day management of the studio. From dealing with bookings to PR to general organisation for a smooth studio experience. She is a full-time wheelchair user and consistently works to ensure the studio is fully inclusive.

Grace often takes part in talks on music panels highlighting the importance of accessibility in the music industry.

Echotown Studio Vintage Recording Studio – Gareth Matthews

GARETH MATTHEWS | Chief Engineer

Gareth is our resident engineer at Echotown Studio. We always receive amazing feedback from clients not only for the fantastic sound achieved, but for the great atmosphere that exists while working with him. He is a treasure to the Echotown Studio family.

His credits include several multi-platinum selling artists and producers, including Frank Turner, Chris Kimsey, Example, Sandi Thom, Alexander O Neal and Alice Merton to name a few.

Before joining Echotown Studio he worked in several world-class studios including Prairie Sun Recording California, Miloco Studios, London and Deep Recording Studios, London.

Echotown Studio Vintage Recording Studio – Nick Capaldi

Nick Capaldi | Studio Owner

Nick is a singer/songwriter who understands how the vibe of a studio is so important to the creative process. He oversaw every aspect of the build of Echotown Studio, ensuring no vital detail was compromised.

Having Echotown Studio be purpose built from a musician’s perspective with insight from top acousticians and engineers, means that it is a world-class recording experience coupled with the understanding of what it takes to create the perfect project.

Echotown Studio Vintage Recording Studio – Amy McGowan

Amy McGowan | HR and live events co-ordinator

Amy puts her energy and experience into the background running of the studio. She co-ordinates our live events and all important admin duties. Amy also assists our clients in booking transport and accommodation, as well as any other requirements to make your experience with us stress free.


Gwyn Mathias spent more hours than there is in a day in meticulously designing how the studio would be put together. He is our go-to guy for any maintenance or studio queries. He is an indispensable font of knowledge. 

Jim Lassen is behind the ‘spaghetti’ veins of the studio. His work is not only well thought out and practical but also extremely neat. Jim was an SSL employee in the 80s before going freelance which led to his working for top studio owners such as Peter Gabriel, Mutt Lange, Zak Starkey and Steve Winwood. Jim is also a talented drummer and played on two tracks for Nick Capaldi’s album ‘You and all the Seasons’.

George Gilbert restored our SSL 6000E to bring it back to its former glory. He was also an SSL employee in the 80s. He now travels around keeping these old desks maintained. As well as our SSL, George also looked after Kate Bush’s desk so we knew we were in good hands.

Tom Stanford aided us with the computer and digital side of things his knowledge knew no bounds. He was instrumental in setting everything up to work with the digital audio workstations. Tom spent days testing the functionality of the studio, ironing out any creases before he engineered our first ever session.

Jason Dasent is a visually impaired producer musician and accessibility in music consultant. Jason helped us to choose the right purchases to aid our studio in being inclusive for all. These include screen readers, Komplete Kontrol keyboards, Avid hardware and other digital packages. Jason introduced us to Drake Music who are a national arts charity specialising in using music technology to break down disabling barriers in making music. Drake Music also helped us by sharing their experiences and challenges in accessing other studios. We implemented various improvements in our new build to ensure anyone visiting Echotown Studio would not encounter the same restrictions.


To enquire about the studio, please contact us with details of your project so we can provide a bespoke quote.

For a bespoke quote contact us with details of your project.