Terms and Conditions


Last updated: October 2023


All booking enquiries can be made via the website form or by emailing Grace at: info@echotownstudio.com

The studio reserves the right to secure bookings with a 50% deposit made at time of booking. 

Once a booking has been confirmed, we can assist with booking accommodation and organisation of catering should this be required by the client. These and any extra costs shall be incurred by the client and outlined on their final invoice. 

VAT is charged at 20%.


Payment can be made by cash or card on the day or via invoice. Invoices must be paid within 14days of received date. Late payments shall incur an additional interest charge of 5% per day.

The studio reserves the right to hold onto any client files without release before payment is made. If you are on a tight deadline, please ensure you make the studio manager/engineer aware so payment can be settled on or before your last session.


All cancellations incur a fee which is outlined below and dependent upon notice given. Please let the studio know if you plan to reschedule and not cancel as different charges will occur. Rebooking the session must be done within 2days of studio being notified of cancellation or cancellation fees will incur.

14days before confirmed session: 50% of deposit

Less than 7 days before confirmed session: 100% of deposit

If you have booked accommodation/catering through us, the companies may have different cancellation T&Cs so the client shall be billed accordingly if necessary.

In the extremely unlikely event that the studio must cancel a session, we shall endeavour to reschedule to a mutually convenient date at the most convenient to our client.


Should you wish to reschedule your session, please give the studio at least 14days notice to avoid charges. Less than 14days notice will result in you losing your 50% deposit. We shall attempt to reschedule your session as close to your original booking as possible, however, it may not always be possible especially if consecutive dates are required. We also, cannot confirm that the original accommodation and catering will still be available.


A full day at the studio is 8hrs. A half day at the studio is 4hrs. Included in these times are:

  • Setup/pack down
  • Breaks and lunch
  • Backing up of files/session
  • A bounce of a rough mix (if required)

If the studio has arranged catering for you, please give a rough idea on food break timings so to avoid minimal disruption to your session.


Echotown has a lot of vintage equipment and instruments that are regularly maintained and upkeeped. However, please let the studio manager/engineer know what equipment you plan on using so we can give it a check over and make sure it is available on your required dates. We cannot guarantee everything will be available on your session days without prior notice.


We request prior notice should you wish to use our pianos. We have scheduled dates for our piano tuners, but should you request use of one before your session, we need at least 14days notice and a charge of £75 shall be added to your studio time.


Echotown provides either an in-house engineer or assistant engineer for all sessions. An engineer would run your session and working all the equipment whereas an assistant engineer would be helping with equipment. Our engineer has years of experience and substantial client list. Email info@echotownstudio.com to find out more.


If you have any questions about this Disclaimer, You can contact Us:

One of our main goals when designing the studio was to make everything as inclusive as we possibly could. In doing so we have spent much of our time researching and reaching out for advice and have made some wonderful friends along the way.”


To enquire about the studio, please contact us with details of your project so we can provide a bespoke quote.

For a bespoke quote contact us with details of your project.